Logistical planning and controlling

During the planning projects we examine the company’s existing or planned processes and we make suggestions for the improvement. In case of the controlling we measure and analyse the performance of the existing systems.

When we plan the inventories, we can define principles, methods and measures that will be applied later in life of the company. This affects the raw materials and semi-finished as well as the finished products.


The logistical and management systems often contain unnecessary steps what increase the lead times and decrease our profit. If we can’t eliminate these losses, we can be enemies of our own development.

Szubotin Management Consulting Planning

Strategic planning

How can you be closer to your customers with your new warehouse? How can you minimise your transportation cost with a strategically placed factory? We have to have the answers for these questions before we start to enhance the capacity of our company. The “paper and pen” and “guessing” methods are for the past. We use more modern and sophisticated tools to help decide the direction of the development. These methods can be for example statistical modelling and computer simulations.

Effectiveness and capacity analysis

The company always allocate its resources to achieve the maximum possible profit. In other hand when we are dealing with the daily tasks of our business we often forget to think to improve our effectiveness. It’s possible that we can achieve more effectiveness with new technologies or proper management even without high investments.

EKÁER controlling

Szubotin Management Consulting EKÁER

The EKÁER (Electronic Public Road Trade Control System) is a reporting obligatory for the transportation on the Hungarian market since 2015. This indicates additional work for the companies working or trading on the Hungarian market. The rules of this system change often and the companies have to be prepared for the changes. We can analyse these reports and based on the result we can recommend a better process and train the administrative staff to have less errors in these obligations.


Transportation planning

Szubotin Management Consulting Nave

When we’re doing transportation planning we make a route for every vehicle what optimises its work. There are a lot of methods to do this task, but the most important is the effectiveness of our colleagues.

It can be fix or changing route, milk run or anything the importance is the use of the recourse. We recommend you to check these processes with an expert so we can eliminate the losses from this field.


Inventory management

When developing the inventory management, we strive to enable the company to meet as many customer needs as possible while keeping the “money in inventory” to a minimum. This requires analyzing and learning about demand, seasonality, inventory and ordering costs, and a lot of other information, as we can only make inventory decisions after we have learned about how the company and its market work.



Szubotin Management Consulting Forecasting

The forecasts cover the entire sub-science of statistics. With its help, we know not only tomorrow’s weather, but also how the demand for our company’s products or services will change in the future and thus the utilization of our capacities. It is useful because you can tell us when you need to invest more capital in stocks (preparation for peak or off-season periods) and when you can reallocate the money to other activities such as development.


Vendor-managed inventory

The vendor-managed inventory methodology is one of the most advanced sales systems of our time. The point is that the “wholesaler” manages the stocks of server units directly connected to the final consumer. This is useful because a reseller that carries out this activity usually has a much larger field of view in terms of the market and how it works, on the other hand, it is better able to reallocate its resources. Establishing and managing such a system is a long-term decision that can benefit all members of the supply chain.


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