The Partners of Szubotin Management Consulting provide you a better and more thorough advisory service when you are implementing or reviewing your sourcing, purchase or related fields.

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Our duty is to achieve the best possible savings in time, money and energy for our customers in these troubled times. Nowadays as the lead times are reducing and costs are increasing the good planning, the connections and the stability could be the difference between continuity and collapse for lot of companies.

The sourcing means to find the best, most suitable supplier for our customer. The supplier what provides the best quality, services on the acceptable price level.

Our services:

  1. Collecting data on sources of goods and services, Market research
  2. Negotiating contracts
  3. Considering, analysing the outsourcing of processes
  4. Constituting standards that the company will use during procurement
  5. Near-sourcing
  6. Low-cost Country Sourcing (LCCS)

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