Despite stricter legal regulations, internet commerce is becoming more and more popular in the whole world. A store attracts the buyer as he can buy from the comfort of his home, but at the same time offers a good opportunity for the sellers because he can expand his sales systems with another channel.

Webstore inventory management

For many, an online store is equal to the money “easily” earned as the turnover rate of the products is high and you don’t have to worry about keeping stock. This is not always true. Which products and what stock level we should keep for a web store is especially important in our accelerated world, as trends change day by day, every customer wants the latest products and right away. In the case of online stores, the seller can rarely afford not to keep and manage their own inventory.

Legal compliance

Web stores are now subject to much more and stronger regulation than ever before. In the constantly and regularly changing legal environment, it is also not true that not knowing the rules would exempt them from complying them. You have to get checked your contract terms and company details with a specialist, as the authorities rarely do it “for free”.

Vendor-managed inventory

We can also follow the methodology of the stocks managed by the seller in the case of our web store. In this case, however, it is important that both information and physical flows (goods and money) between the parties are regulated.

B2B webshops

In terms of business-to-business (B2B), the function of web stores shifts slightly from marketing to simplicity and ease of use. In general, it can be said that in such a web store, the emphasis is more on the grouping and management of partners, the quick availability of products and the speed of service. Think with the reseller’s head, let’s see through the eyes of our partner.

Dropshipping, Partner-webshops

Dropshipping is an advanced web store method of our time. The point is that a reseller who is in direct contact with the final consumer has virtually no stock, his customer is served by a wholesaler partner. This method can guarantee the retailer, with a fair agreement, that the web store it operates can operate efficiently without inventory. For a wholesaler or a manufacturing company, this solution is an extra sales channel, where virtually the turnover of goods skips a member out of the supply chain. To solve this, you need partner-webshops and stock copies.


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